Leaking roof repairs


Leaks can happen on newly installed roofs or relatively young ones, for no good reason at all, a leak can just appear.
There are a few reasons for this:

  1. 1. Damaged roof shingles
    Roof shingles can become damaged for a number of reasons, bad workmanship, poor installation, weather damage due to a bad storm or faulty materials. leaks can be caused once shingles are damaged and the integrity of your roof system has been compromised. A professional inspection may be required as the damage may not be visible from the ground.

  2. 2. Compromised ā€œVā€ Valleys
    Created where two sloping roofs meet, the valley metal could be compromised either accidently by other roofers stepping on them due to neglected or debris.

  3. 3. Low quality materials or Poor installation
    If an unexperienced roofer failed to install the materials properly, leaks will always occur. This can include the roof vents, membrane, flashing or chimney, although these can be punctured by various things. Poor installation of the use of low-quality materials are the most common reasons behind this.

  4. 4. Punctured roof or obstructed water flow
    After a storm, falling trees, or other objects can cause costly damage to a roof. We recommended an inspection as soon as possible if you spot a leak. Debris causing pooling which can penetrate your home and cause damage, including leaks. Cleaning gutters or the entire roof free of debris to prevent damage.

  5. 5. Poor Room Ventilation
    Poor room ventilation causing high moisture in locations such as, bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms can cause damp moisture to build up and damage over time. A well ventilated properly will avoid problems.

  6. 6. An old roof
    Nothing lasts forever including roofs, Once the materials are beyond their life expectancy they begin to break down, the integrity of your roof is then comprimised.


Contacted Royalty Roofing for a quote on my flat roof for my extension. They came out Promptly and provided me with a great quote. No need to shop around it met my budget perfectly.

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Great service, very helpful and professional finish, highly recommended

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Great service, very helpful and professional finish, highly recommended


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